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Academics | Curriculum

Since 1874, our faith-based academic curriculum has prepared thousands of young learners for the rigors of high school coursework, and more. Blessed with a high-quality education founded on Catholic values, a Saint John School graduate is intellectually, emotionally and spiritually equipped to navigate the ways of modern adolescent life. 


K-8 Standards & Benchmarks


SJS has academic accreditation from Wisconsin Religious and Independent Schools Accreditation (WRISA). A rigorous academic structure prepares  your child for the next step in their academic journey, evidenced by above-average standardized test scores when compared to local and national averages. Following a curriculum focused on academic progress wrapped in social, emotional, and spiritual development. Saint John School's professional educators, academic aides and administrative staff understand individual student needs as they progress through each grade level.

Standards and benchmarks are a broad description of what K-8 students in the Diocese of Madison should know and be able to do. Catholic schools in the Diocese are expected to use the standards as a framework for their own curriculum development. Catholic schools in the Diocese are also expected to deliver an integrated academic and religious education curriculum by presenting the teachings of the Church where applicable in the context of all subject matter. 

Education Standards & Benchmarks


A Blessed Foundation of Values & Knowledge

"The Catholic education our children receive at Saint John School continues to be fabulous.  One of the best parenting decisions we made was sending our children to Catholic school where they interact with amazing teachers who provide a rigorous academic curriculum to prepare them for high school. Catholic values are intertwined in each aspect of the school system from preschool to 8th grade and we see our children carrying out these values daily."   ⏤Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Gonnering

Saint John School, Waunakee

Catholic schools play a critical role in passing on the faith and forming future generations that keep our parishes vibrant communities of faith, worship, and service. Studies prove that Catholic school students are more likely to attend Mass, support their parish, and consider a religious vocation.. Catholic school graduates are also more likely to vote and participate in the political process as adults, thus helping to maintain and strengthen our democracy.

Teaching Catholic values  provides an ethical framework for your child as they progress through formative years. As an integral part of Saint John the Baptist Catholic Church, Reverend Monsignor James Gunn visits classrooms to teach children about the Catholic faith. Teachers, parents, administrators, and peers exhibit Catholic values at-work. Parents and children know each other across grade levels creating a community of trust. The Saint John School family becomes an extension of your family.

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